Best Apps to Get Free PayPal Money Online [2024]

Here are side hustle apps that pay you free PayPal money online.

Sign up for these apps that pay you free PayPal money online and get hip to the highest paying apps – effortlessly!

We promise you can make at least $100 through these best side hustle apps that pay via PayPal.

When you officially make that leap into adulthood, it comes with a long list of responsibilities — financial ones included. If you are looking for ways to make extra money through apps that pay you through PayPal then you'll love this list.

It's nice to have a little cash handy, right?

You could always pawn some of your stuff, true, but no one likes doing that. You could also ask your family for free money, but that’s no good, either. And taking out an advance wage or salary loan is an even worse strategy.

Why not try out one of these money-making apps instead? That’s right: There are legitimate money-making apps that can net you some extra funds through PayPal for whatever, whenever you want.

Apps That Let You Earn Free PayPal Money Online

There are legit apps out there that pay you real money! Here are our top apps that pay you through PayPal.

apps that pay you via paypal

 1. Blackout Bingo

Over 5 million players agree Blackout Bingo is the fresh, social competitive twist to the classic game where you can win real-world rewards and cash prizes (where available)! Join globetrotting heroine, Chelsea and play in amazing and exotic places with this bingo app for real money.

Historically, Bingo was a game of chance. If you were lucky enough to have the right card, you’d win. Now with Blackout Bingo – you are in control! Everyone playing sees the same balls and cards. It takes concentration, speed, and strategy to become a bingo master. Do you have what it takes?

Note: Available in the US, except AZ, AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN.

Download the app here:

2. Swagbucks

swagbucks logo

Swagbucks is a great survey site to make some extra money and most of the tasks are incredibly simple to complete. This app lets you earn money in so many ways like taking surveys, shopping online or playing games, but many of my readers love racking up SB (Swagbucks) watching videos in their spare time.

Here you can earn a special currency called Swagbucks for completing offers, answering surveys and logging online activity. You can redeem the currency for gift cards or cash rewards once you’ve accumulated enough. This is one of the best apps that pays you through PayPal. You can cash out your SB as gift cards to hundreds of merchants or get your cash by PayPal. Many claim this to be one of the best side hustle apps out there.

Download the app here:

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie allows you to complete surveys for market research and earn money. They actually are one of the highest paying apps. It is also the easiest app to sign up for. Once you’re in you can take surveys and get paid at Survey Junkie. It’s possible to make extra money per week completing surveys on Survey Junkie. 

All you need to do is instantly qualify, then view exclusive offers in exchange for your opinions and get access to paid surveys, clinical trial opportunities, and other work offers. Survey Junkie’s interface is super smooth and intuitive (unlike the majority of survey company websites that look like they were built in 1997), and members are paid in cash via Paypal. Oh, and Survey Junkie also has an 8.9/10 rating on TrustPilot — the highest of any online survey company. This is one is the more reputable survey companies out there and we recommend it.

Download the app here:

4. Nielsen Mobile Panel

Nielsen offers an app and desktop service that allows you to register and earn rewards just for browsing the Internet. Yes, it’s a legitimate opportunity, but you should be mindful of what that means. Once you’ve installed the application, the company will be collecting information about your usage habits, activities and the websites you visit.

You don’t have to do anything else, and the service works automatically in the background. If that’s worth it to you, you can earn $50 to $100 passively throughout a year’s time.

Download the app here:

5. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is one of the top apps that pays out via PayPal. Do you ever spend a few minutes on your lunch break or at home watching videos online? Then this side hustle app is right up your alley. It’s available on both iPhone and Android devices and requires you to watch “fun” videos and even play games online.

If you invest just five to ten minutes per day, you can earn up to $40 extra per month. That’s not bad, especially if you stick with it, because you can continue to earn more. You’ll get a $5 bonus just for signing up, which is quick and free.

Download the app here:

6. Mistplay

best side hustle apps

Mistplay pays you to play games, no really it does. While making money playing games sounds like a dream, this app lets you do just that. To get started just download the Mistplay app then install a game in your mixlist, play that game to start earning units.

Then you can redeem your units for free gift cards or once your reach $15 you can cash out through PayPal. To get started you can download the Android app and start playing and earning. That’s it.

Download the app here:

7. Cashyy

Cashyy (Android only) is a completely free app that will help you earn free PayPal money into your account. Similar to Mistplay, you can discover free games, accomplish missions and win coins to exchange with gift cards.

All you have to do is play, complete missions and you will receive free money. The more you play the more money you earn.

You can always download Cashyy for free and this app doesn’t have any advertising, no deposit, no in-app purchases which is nice. In order to get started earning, you can choose a mission and play your favorite game from the list of games.

If you are searching for cash games on Google Play to make extra money while having fun? With Cashyy you can play new mobile games and win gift cards.

Download the app here:

8. Rakuten

rakuten logo

Rakuten lets you earn cash back for items you’re going to buy anyway. It mostly works for online shopping and allows you to earn money you can transfer directly to a linked PayPal account. They are conventionally offering a $10 sign up bonus for new members, so act fast.

Download the app here:

9. Ibotta


Ibotta is a mobile app — available for both iOS and Android — that helps you save money by scanning your grocery receipts. It also works with other apps and services on your device, such as Uber. For example, every time you use Uber and order a ride, you can earn $1 back through Ibotta.

You can then transfer the funds to your authorized PayPal account for personal use. You won’t make hundreds of dollars overnight, but you certainly can earn that much eventually, if you continue to use the app regularly. It is a great side hustle app to use for building up emergency funds or just beer money.

Download the app here:

Enjoy Your Earned Free Paypal Money 

There you have it. If you’ve finished the list, you’ve just made at least $100 through these apps that pay free PayPal cash.

We wish you the best of luck on your money-making journey! Just remember, with most of these services, consistency is key, so be diligent about completing your daily check-in and continue to use the service if you want to earn more lucrative amounts of cash or gift cards.

It’s always better to use these opportunities as additional cash for smaller purchases, rather than to rely on them for a steady income. You may want to consider looking at the best side hustles listed by our friends at JoyWallet.

Or looking for legit ways to get free money right now? We have compiled our list of 21 ways to collect free money fast from these websites. Check it out.

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