How to Make Money on Minecraft

Playing video games for real money is possible with Minecraft. Keep reading to find out how to make money with Minecraft in several ways.

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We’ve all heard about the lucky gamers who get paid to play video games, but how can you get in on earning real cash for the games you play? Your favorite game of Minecraft could be the trick. 

Minecraft isn’t the only way to earn money by playing games, but it’s certainly more lucrative than earning points to redeem for $5 and $10 gift cards. With the right approach, you can easily turn your Minecraft career into just that: a side hustle turned full-time income-producing opportunity. 

After all, Minecraft did generate about $380 billion in revenue in 2021. With so many players on Minecraft and obsessed with anything associated with this game, there’s a lot of opportunity for the taking. 

Getting started is probably the hardest part. How do you know which method of making money on Minecraft will work best for you? 

Are you ready to learn more about how to make money on Minecraft? Let’s get started!

What is Minecraft and How Does it Work

If you enjoy making money playing video games, Minecraft is a great game for you. Minecraft is a sandbox game set in an open world where exploration possibilities are endless. 

If you’ve seen anything Minecraft related, you know that it’s made up of 3D textured cubes that create a sort of macro-pixelated image. Players can use these cubes to create almost anything they want, as long as they’ve got the time. 

Most people play Minecraft to connect with friends, play competitively, or even just destress from daily life. Players gather resources, craft items, explore, and generally let their creativity have free reign when it comes to Minecraft. 

There are three basic modes on Minecraft: survival, creative, and adventure. In survival mode, you’re basically creating, or what’s known as “crafting.” 

Creative mode lets you build and explore your area in a sort of free-for-all mode. With adventure, you can fight and journey across the landscape to explore new areas. 

Minecraft has over 130 million online players. Because it’s such a large community of gamers playing at any given time, most worlds are supported by several servers scattered throughout the globe.

How to Make Money on Minecraft

If you’re looking for passive income ideas to use with Minecraft, there are a few opportunities out there. Check out these ways to earn money on Minecraft. 

Host a Minecraft Server and Charge Membership Fees

If you look up how to make money on Minecraft, chances are you’ll come across several guides on how to create your own server to host Minecraft and charge membership fees for access to this server. This is one of the most popular ways entrepreneurs make money off Minecraft. 

There are two ways to host a Minecraft server: on your own computer or through a dedicated remote server. While creating and hosting your own Minecraft server can make you $50 fast (or more), it does take some setup. 

A Minecraft server works best if you have at least 6GB of RAM. You can use any one of the three main operating systems (Windows, Linux, or macOS) and monetization programs such as Tebex to charge members for access to your server. 

If you already know how to host a server, adding Minecraft to the mix should be easy. However, you’ll need to build up your membership base first before charging a membership fee. 

Creating a large membership base begins with separating your server from the rest. What can you offer Minecraft players that other servers don’t?  

Successful servers often give players additional rankings, items, or other features that improve gameplay in some way. However, you’ll still need to abide by Minecraft’s terms and conditions as you structure your server to keep gameplay fair. 

You can easily market your server by joining Minecraft-specific groups and communities on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or Reddit. If you can hit the sweet spot between affordable membership fees and perks that warrant such a fee, you’ll have your Minecraft server earning passive income in no time.

Start a Minecraft YouTube Channel 

If establishing a Minecraft server sounds like a lot of work, you can look into creating a Minecraft-specific YouTube channel instead. Though Minecraft is obviously the focus, there are a lot of things you can do with a Minecraft YouTube channel. 

For example, you can talk about starting out as a new player, learning about Minecraft’s capabilities, or even giving advice to new players who may not understand what’s going on. The more value you can bring to your audience, the better. 

Many Minecraft players also use YouTube (and other streaming platforms) to stream their gameplay. You’d be surprised at how much you can make by giving people something to watch as you play Minecraft. 

The profit comes into play when you earn at least 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of watch time. This makes you eligible for YouTube ads that you can use to earn passive income every time someone watches one of your videos. 

If you gain enough attention on YouTube, you may even be approached about sponsorships, brand deals, or other lucrative opportunities. If you’re looking for an easy way to get started making money on Minecraft, YouTube is probably your best bet. 

Sell Minecraft Artwork

Sometimes knowing how to make money from home comes from spending time with a pencil and pad, marker and paper, or paintbrush and canvas. If you can make stellar Minecraft artwork to sell, you may not ever have to work a job again. 

Minecraft-related merchandise, artwork, and designs earn creative spirits money on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Whether you create real-life physical artwork or specialize in textures, maps, or other in-game components, Minecraft holds enormous potential for those who are artistically inclined. 

If you want to know how to make $1,000 fast with Minecraft artwork, look at the many paid services developers offer for making custom texture packs, custom maps, or other in-game skins and accessories. These artists advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Steam, and even in Minecraft to find paying customers. 

You can use free design platforms such as Canva to create Minecraft merchandise, from themed birthday accessories to tote bags, mugs, and even digital banners. The more creative you can be with the Minecraft world, the greater your appeal. 

Start a Minecraft Gaming Blog

One of the best passive income streams is creating a blog and posting to it frequently. The more you grow your audience and leverage your website to earn money generated from affiliates and ads, the more money you can make. 

Blogs about Minecraft have a similarly wide range of possibilities to YouTube channels about this popular video game. Even if you don’t know how to start a blog, it’s worth looking into if you’re passionate about Minecraft. 

Many Minecraft blogs focus on tutorials, tricks, reviews, comparisons, tips, and more. You can even sell a course or ebook on Minecraft to help players get up to speed quickly. 

Use Buff Gaming to Play Minecraft for Money 

Getting paid to let someone look over your shoulder is something we’ll discuss in the context of Twitch in a moment, but with Buff Gaming, you can earn real money by playing Minecraft and letting Buff Gaming in on the action. 

All you have to do is launch Minecraft through the Buff Gaming app and begin playing. The app tracks your gameplay to reward you with points that you can then redeem for free video games, gift cards, gaming hardware, or other merchandise. 

Buff Gaming also pays you for playing Call of Duty, Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Fortnite. If you’re looking for side hustle apps to download, look up Buff Gaming to earn more for playing Minecraft. 

Stream Minecraft Play on Twitch

There’s something about watching someone else play video games that hooks us into paying for the privilege. That’s exactly the relationship that makes many Minecraft players rich when they stream on Twitch. 

Earning anything substantial from streaming your Minecraft gameplay on Twitch requires a large audience. However, this is one of the best side hustles you can get into if you’re good at Minecraft, funny to listen to, or just entertain your audience well. 

Most Twitch Minecraft streamers earn money through donations from fans, memberships, merchandise, and ads. Once you’re established, you can also apply for the Twitch affiliate program to earn more. 

Join Minecraft Partnership Program 

The Minecraft Partnership Program allows you to take advantage of the popularity of Minecraft to earn your own piece of the pie. Joining this program gives you access to the Minecraft marketplace, where you can purchase and sell everything from maps and skin packs to texture packs and more. 

Most members of the Minecraft Partnership Program also give advice and sell specific services. It’s a great way to get your products and services out to Minecraft players specifically to earn more. 

The Minecraft Partnership Program is also a great place to sell your account or even a hosted server. While joining the Minecraft Partnership Program won’t earn you money automatically, it does unlock access to many money-making opportunities. 

Create and Sell Minecraft Servers and Accounts

In addition to the Minecraft Partnership Program, you can also create and sell Minecraft servers and accounts on third-party sites. These include platforms such as MCTrades that are Minecraft-specific. 

Minecraft players put their accounts and servers up for sale for several reasons. They might be wanting to get out of the game but still be compensated for their achievements or they may want to just create and sell accounts to give others a running start. 

Creating a Minecraft server and selling it can also help entrepreneurs start with a server they can then monetize. It’s all about knowing what holds value in the Minecraft world and where you can use your skills to make money. 

If you decide to sell your Minecraft server or account, it’s a good idea to have significant achievements and match your price to those achievements. While more established accounts can certainly fetch a higher price, you may also get more if your username is rare or hits the right cultural buttons. 

Minecraft Gaming Alternatives

If you’re looking for more of the best money-making apps out there that you can use to earn free cash for playing games, look no further than these alternatives: 

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It’s easy to get paid to play solitaire from home without having to worry about deadlines, strict requirements, or even a set number of hours. 


How can I earn money on Minecraft?

There are many ways you can earn money on Minecraft. You can host your own server, create a YouTube channel or blog about it, produce Minecraft art, or even stream your play on Twitch.

Can I sell my Minecraft world or account? 

Yes, you can sell your Minecraft account online. All you have to do is find the right platform to do so and have an account that’s established enough to be worth the money. 

How much money do you need to start a Minecraft server? 

A server for about 700 Minecraft players will cost you about $100 per month or so. It all depends on what components you create your server from and how many players are on the server at any given time. 

Play On and Earn with Minecraft

Minecraft is a fun game that allows your creativity to explore, build, and engage in mock battles. If you’re looking for ways to earn money on Minecraft, we hope this article has opened your eyes to the many possibilities. 

Playing video games like Minecraft can earn you money, but it’s up to you how far it takes you. If you can satisfy a need that even only a quarter of the global Minecraft players have, you could quit your full-time job to devote yourself to Minecraft all the time. 

What worlds will you build by making money off Minecraft? Explore the possibilities to see where this creative game can lead you. 

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