Best Beer Money Sites & Apps from Reddit for 2021

Thanks to these internet-based side hustles, you can skip the yearly yard sale and make extra beer money without leaving your sofa.

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Want to Score Cash For Free?

Do you need to make extra beermoney to go on that dream vacation?

How about some extra beer money to help pay your monthly bills or to enjoy a nice meal once in a while?

Let’s face it, we all can use some extra money from time to time. It is tough out there and for some of us, our main job doesn’t generate enough income to afford the nicer things in life.

As a result, we have created an extensive list showing the various ways you can make extra money online (and in your city).

We will focus on opportunities that anyone can do from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet.

Want free money?

  • Aspiration: Want to get spotted a $100 for free? Simply sign up for Aspiration, and the free banking app will give you cash for free, you just relax while it gives you $100 just for opening a new debit card. There’s no catch. This bank account is legit and only takes two minutes to sign up for an account.
Pro tip: Surveys are quick, easy, and can pay you cash from the comfort of your home. No wonder they are so popular. Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars are just a few of the best survey sites to make money.

Most of these online opportunities are relatively simple and quick to do. While they may not get you rich, these online opportunities will definitely help pay for some of your expenses.

So be sure to check back often on this page as we continuously update the list below.

The Best BeerMoney Sites & Apps

best money making apps

Look no further Reddit, here are the top beermoney sites and apps that really pay you real money.

getupside make money GetUpside is an app available on both Android and iOS that gives you cash back on gas, groceries and restaurants. You can get up to $0.25 per gallon of gas (or up to $0.50 per gallon twice per day), 15% on groceries, and 35% at restaurants.
survey junkie make money Survey Junkie is a research company. They have many offer walls and survey providers available. You can earn bonus points for meeting your daily goals, and they offer focus groups, paying you for trying new products, and lucrative survey offers.
swagbucks make money Swagbucks is one of the oldest, most well known GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites. They have plenty to offer, so you shouldn’t get too bored. You can earn bonus points for meeting your daily goals, and you can earn up to 300 points ($3) for meeting your goal each day.
ibotta make beer money Ibotta is an app available for both Android and iOS that gives cash back for shopping at Ibotta’s retail and then scanning your receipts to prove what purchases were made. They currently support around 160 stores. Most offers are for newer brands, but they often have well-known names such as Glade or Kraft.
fetch rewards make money fast Fetch is an app available for both Android and iOS where users earn money for scanning receipts and for purchasing specific products or brands. You get points for every receipt from a grocery retailer, supermarket, club wholesaler, home improvement/hardware store, pet store or convenience stores, regardless of what you buy.  You can get 3,000 points ($3) immediately after using it once.

Most Common BeerMoney Sites Reddit

best money making apps

If you’re looking for the most common money-making apps and beermoney sites based on Reddit, here is the list.

fundrise beermoneyfundrise beermoney With Fundrise, you just need $500 to Invest in Real Estate and you can earn 8.7 – 12.4% Annual Returns.
swagbucks beermoneyswagbucks beermoney With Swagbucks, you just need a smartphone and you can earn $100+ per month.
inboxdollars With InboxDollars, you just need a smartphone to take surveys and play games and you can up earn to $200 per month.
nielsennielsen panel With Nielsen, you just need any device and you can earn $50 this year just for downloading an app that tracks your internet usage.

Best Game Apps to Win Free Beer Money

make money playing video games

If you want to make money playing games, then consider this list of the best game apps to win free beermoney.

lucktastic appLucktastic (Android only) is a free and fun way to win real cash and prizes and earn rewards. +328,669 positive reviews in the Google Play store.
beermoneyThis app can offer you the opportunity to win valuable cash prizes or cool merchandise for playing free online games. +44,958 positive reviews in the Google Play store.
mistplayYou earn cash incentives for every game you play on your Android device. There are no gimmicks that waste your time. ‎+100,993 positive reviews in the Google Play store.

Lucktastic (iOS)
Price: FREE

Lucktastic offers the same daily scratch-off cards that you find at your local convenience store — but here you can play for free and win real money.

lucktastic app

Mistplay (Android Only)
Price: FREE

Earning money by playing games on your phone sounds like a dream. But Mistplay really pays you for playing new games with cash rewards.


Best Gig Economy Jobs to Earn Beer Money

Best Bank Account Bonuses Right Now

  • Chime: Chime will spot you up to $200 if you accidentally overdraft. And even better: they won’t charge you a dime. Get Spotted $200
  • Aspiration: This mobile banking app lets you do everything for free and takes no fees — ever. Better yet, if you join through this link you can get $150 in your new account.
  • Robinhood: Offers commission-free stock, ETF and options trades. Get a free stock worth up to $200 when joining through here (must complete application).

postmates deliver food and make money

These are the best delivery apps and gig economy jobs to earn beermoney in 2020.

getupside icon

GetUpside: Earn money back, find gas prices near you
This app will pay every time you pump gas and you can earn real money. You can save up to 25¢/gal and cash out anytime!✓ If you’re not using GetUpside, you’re overspending
✓ Fuel rewards and savings – up to 25¢/gal every time
✓ Available for iOS and Android devices
gig economy jobs
Postmates: Deliver anything
Postmates uses technology to connect local businesses with people around the city. It’s free to sign up and fast to get started. There are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery.✓ Work anytime
✓ Work from anywhere
✓ Access Instant Deposit


DoorDash: Food delivery
Drive and deliver with DoorDash and start making money today. Pick your own schedule and use any car or bike. Fast signup, great pay, easy work.✓ Work anytime
✓ Work from anywhere
✓ Access Fast Pay
Instacart: Deliver groceries
Instacart uses technology to connect local businesses with people around the city. It’s free to sign up and fast to get started. There are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery.✓ Work anytime and get 100% of tips
✓ Work from anywhere
✓ Access Instant Deposit

Best Survey Sites to Make Beer Money

highest paying survey sites

Want to make beermoney through the best paid survey sites? Here is a list of the top three survey sites that pay the most.

beermoney At Survey Junkie, you can voice your opinions to help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve.
Overall rank: 1
beermoney Swagbucks can offer you the opportunity to win valuable cash prizes or cool merchandise while making your opinion known.
Overall rank: 2
beermoney At InboxDollars you can earn cash incentives for every survey you complete. There are no gimmicks, points or sweepstakes that waste your time.
Overall rank: 3

Best Bill Negotiation Services to Earn Beer Money

how to make 60 dollars fast online

You can also make extra money just by cutting back on your expenses with this list of bill negotiation services.


Truebill: Easily cancel unwanted subscriptions
80% of people save money by using Truebill to find and cancel unwanted subscriptions!✓ Easily track your spending
✓ Start a savings account
✓ Easily lower bills
Trim: Lower your internet, cable and phone bills
Don’t pay full price. Let Trim find ways to save on your bill and do the work negotiating it lowering for you.✓ Sign up for free
✓ As seen as Fortune, The New York Times, NBC News, TechCrunch
✓ Uses bank-level security with 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe


BillShark: Let BillShark negotiate your bills
Save 25% on monthly bills in 2 minutes with Billshark✓ Has a 90% success rate to lower your bills
✓ Can lower your internet, wireless, tv, satellite radio bills and many more
✓ Get estimated savings in minutes

Make BeerMoney With Your Car or Bike

make $800 fast

Want to earn beermoney with your car? Take a look at this popular list of ways to do just that.

Uber Download the app and get a ride in minutes. Or become a driver and earn money on your schedule.
Lyft Be your own boss, drivers earn tips. Set your own hours and get a $1000 sign up bonus after your first 125 rides.
Getaround Social car sharing: Rent cars by the hour from people around you. Start renting out yours today and earn cash.
Turo Rent any car you want, wherever you want it, from our nationwide community of local car owners, or make extra money renting out your car.
Uber Eats Be your own boss and drive with Uber. Sign up today and start earning. Maybe you don’t want other people in your car? You can deliver with Uber and still have full control of your time.
Carvertise Wrapped car advertising that connects brands with everyday drivers and spreads your brand message in places that standard out of home advertising doesn’t.

Make Beer Money With Cash Back Apps

Beermoney can be made through cash back apps as well. Here is a list of popular money-saving apps to earn beermoney.

Trim Trim automates ways to save you money. It’s a free app.
Paribus Do you shop online? Get automatic refunds with this free app, all you have to do is sign up and sit back and get money back.
Rakuten Find coupons and earn cash back at over 2000 stores when you shop at Rakuten! Save with online rebates, deals, promo codes, and discounts.
Ibotta Get cash back and save money. Better than a coupon, Ibotta pays you real cash money whenever, wherever you shop.
Dosh No points, no coupons, just cold hard cash when you shop 1000s of brands they partner with. Available on both iOS and Android. Get a $5 Bonus when you connect your first card.

The Concept of Beer Money and Making Money Online

From my experience, only having 1-2 hours a day of free time it’s hard to make any decent money per hour. Mturk is great, but only if you are on the computer a lot and can watch for good hits.

For actual good surveys, you kinda need to be online a lot and watching for them with refreshers. If you tried a bunch of the highest paying survey sites, you can earn a few bucks a day.

As with pretty much everything, if you don’t invest the time/effort into it then expect to make 2-3 dollars an hour. If it was so easy to log onto any website and make 6+ dollars an hour, then everyone would do it.

If you want to get more serious and invest more time, look into Mturk. I can usually make $100-200 a week off those (but I’m on the computer 16 hours a day watching for good opportunities).

Want free money?

  • Robinhood is a free investing app for your phone. I really mean free all around – free to join and they don’t charge any fees to buy or sell the stock. You can get a share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free when you join through this link. The value of the free share may be anywhere between $2.50 and $500 and fluctuates based on market movements. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Want Free Ideas to Make Extra Money?

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Want to Make Extra Cash This Month For Free?

CompanyWhat You NeedEarning Potential
fundrise beermoneyfundrise beermoney$500 to Invest in Real Estate8.7 – 12.4% Annual Returns


swagbucks beermoneyswagbucks beermoneySmartphone$100+ Per Month


inboxdollars SmartphoneUp to $50 Per Survey


nielsennielsen panelSmartphone$50 This Year Just for Downloading Its Free App



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