Lootup Review 2024: Take Paid Surveys & Earn Cash Rewards

Apps like Lootup help you put extra cash in the bank when you just want to play a few games or answer a few surveys. Keep reading to find out more about Lootup.

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Do you need to earn additional income? If you're looking for a flexible opportunity to occupy your free time, consider exploring Lootup

This platform provides a variety of tasks such as taking online surveys, watching videos, and playing games that allow you to earn money. It's a get-paid-to site and app that you can access from anywhere.

This app is free to download from the Google Play Store and gives you plenty of ways to earn some dough yourself. 

In our Lootup review, we’ll cover how you can sign up for this app and start earning money. We’ll also cover what you can do to cash out and how Lootup compares to other GPT apps out there. 

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether or not Lootup is right for you. Plus, you’ll have a jumpstart on learning how to maximize your earnings to cash out sooner. 

Are you ready to dive into our Lootup review? Let’s get started!

What are Get-Paid-To (GPT) Sites

Get-paid-to sites are aplenty on the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. These apps feature small tasks you can complete in a few minutes to earn rewards. 

Most GPT apps and sites offer some sort of survey component, along with ways to earn by playing games or completing offers. These opportunities help the app push a partner and their products so people interact and hopefully spend money. 

Not all GPT apps are made the same. Some offer stellar money-earning potential while others are not worth their time. 

So where does Lootup fall? Let’s take a closer look at how the app works to determine the answer. 

How Does Lootup Work

Developed by Adscend Media in 2020, Lootup is an Android-only app and website that offers several ways to earn money. We’ll cover each way more in-depth next, but suffice it to say you can earn extra cash just by answering survey questions, watching videos, participating in contests, and playing games. 

Lootup is also the topic of a specific Reddit thread, which you can consult for a second opinion. Though Lootup incorporates several features found on other GPT sites, it is slightly different in some ways. 

For example, you can cash out via cryptocurrency with Lootup. The app requires that you be 18 years old and use a Google, Facebook, or email account to sign up. 

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be prompted to complete your profile. Answer these questions carefully as they help the app assign you surveys in the future. 

However, you’ll earn points as you complete these tasks, putting you closer to cashing out sooner. You can also earn $5 in rewards by earning 10,000 points within 30 days of signing up. 

One Lootup point is worth $0.001, so you’ll need at least 1,000 points to earn $1 in rewards. You can cash out via cryptocurrency, PayPal cash, or gift cards. 

12 Ways to Earn Extra Cash on Lootup

Like most apps that pay you real money, Lootup requires you to complete several different types of tasks. Check out the dozen ways you can earn cash on Lootup. 

1. Spin the wheel

Daily tasks on any app can help you increase your earnings and inch closer to cashing out. Lootup lets you spin the wheel for various prizes. 

While many of the prizes are small, you can potentially earn an increase in points for that day. That’s why it pays to spin the wheel first before you do anything else. 

However, spinning the wheel is ultimately a game of chance. You’ll have no control over where the wheel lands and what rewards you get. 

2. Answer surveys  

The available surveys will vary from one account to the next depending on what information you give Lootup. There’s no way to influence which surveys you’re invited to, so earnings can be hard to pin down. 

Lootup doesn’t natively house surveys on the app. Instead, it’s a survey router, meaning it connects users to a third-party survey service. 

Some users report that the surveys often have a low earning potential and even qualifying for them can be difficult. However, it’s best to stick to your opinions and wait for surveys to come along to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Most surveys will take about 10 to 20 minutes and pay around $1 or so. If you don’t qualify for a survey at any point, you won’t receive anything for the time you’ve spent up to that point. 

3. Paid offers 

When it comes to making beer money, spending money can seem counterintuitive. However, Lootup does allow you to take advantage of offers for extra points, which can help if you’re already planning on spending the money. 

Most paid offers come through partnerships Lootup has with third parties. Some of these offers may require purchases while others do not. 

4. Watch ads

Adscend also owns HideoutTV in addition to Lootup. However, it joins the two subsidiaries to give Lootup users a chance to earn more for watching ads. 

Though HideoutTV hosts several videos, it’s the ads you’re getting paid for. Note that you’ll need to keep the sound on to receive your rewards. 

You will need an account to watch ads on HideoutTV.  Fortunately, Lootup makes this process very simple and you can and should login to Hideout with the same login details as Lootup for the most seamless experience. Once logged in, your Lootup account will be automatically linked to HideoutTV. 

HideoutTV lets you cash out up to five times per day. You can earn about nine HideoutTV points for every three ads you watch, so if you spend a few minutes per day watching, you can certainly add to your points stash. 

5. Weekly and monthly contests

Lootup also runs weekly and monthly contests that reward first place on the leaderboards. Weekly contests begin first thing Monday morning and end at midnight on Sunday. 

Monthly contests work similarly, starting at 12:01 on the first day and ending at 11:59 on the last day. While weekly contests certainly award a hefty number of points, first-place winners of the monthly contest can earn 1 million points. 

Lootup also runs contests for the most referrals. 

6. Refer friends

Speaking of referrals, Lootup offers you the chance to earn up to 15% of any referral’s earnings. All you have to do is use your unique referral link to initiate the process. 

Any referrals will have to be active on the website to earn that 15%. However, they have the same chance to earn a referral bonus so that may not be a problem. 

7. Promotional Codes

Check Lootup’s social media channels and you could find a promotional code you can redeem for free points. These promotional codes are often the same across most social platforms, but it can pay to have a few tabs on the company. 

Lootup has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. Promotional codes will also vary depending on where you’re located. 

8. Giveaways

Lootup’s giveaways are something unique to GPT websites. Of the two giveaway versions, one is free and allows you to earn up to 2,000 points or the equivalent of $2. 

The other version, paid giveaways, cost anywhere from 25 to 500 points. Win these giveaways and you could earn up to 20,000 points or $20 in cash. 

9. LevelUP rewards

Level up your rewards with Lootup’s LevelUP program. To incentivize you to continue earning extra cash, this bar fills as you complete more micro-tasks and earn more points. 

Once you complete a particular level, you receive a bonus. Continue to level up and you can earn more for the micro-tasks you have already completed. 

Your first reward comes at 1,000 points, second at 5,000 points, and third at 10,000 points. Remember, if you earn 10,000 points within the first 30 days, you can also receive $5. 

10. Cashback deals

Earn more cash back on your purchases with Lootup. This feature incorporates smaller companies and vendors but you can easily find products and services you can earn cashback on with Lootup’s cashback deals. 

11. Deal Finder Tool extension

This Chrome extension finds cashback deals for you so you don’t have to sift through all the pages of your typical cashback site. The Deal Finder Tool extension automatically activates your cashback so you have one less thing to worry about. 

While this cashback extension from Lootup does limit itself to smaller vendors, it’s partnered with over 50,000 retailers. These include Amazon and many more you’re probably already shopping from. 

12. Playtime Rewards (app only)

Allow Playtime Rewards to monitor your app usage and you can earn more with Lootup. This service tracks your app usage to pay you for games you download and play. 

Note that as you play, the number of points you earn in a game steadily decreases. That’s why it pays to switch from one gaming app to another after a while. 

Many people like the variety Lootup offers when it comes to playing games and earning money. You’ll unlock more games as you play them and contribute to your earnings to cash out sooner. 

How to Cash Out on Lootup

Lootup lets you cash out with gift cards, PayPal deposits, and cryptocurrency. You’ll need at least 1,000 points to cash out on PayPal and for gift cards but cryptocurrency cash-out thresholds sit at $5.10. 

It takes about a day or two for Lootup to transfer your PayPal points. Each dollar you cash out for is 1,000 points, so it’s not too difficult to do the math. 

Gift cards work similarly. If you choose cryptocurrency, you’ll be paying a 1% fee if you cash out for: 

  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Shiba Inu

The availability of gift cards depends on your location. Most retailers for American Lootup users include those you’re already familiar with, such as Amazon. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lootup

Does Lootup deserve a download? We think so but don’t take our word for it. 


  • Contribute to your earnings with daily rewards
  • Variety of ways to earn points
  • Redeem points for PayPal cash, gift cards, and cryptocurrency
  • Free to download
  • App and website 
  • Cash out for as little as $1


  • No iOS variant to download
  • Must qualify for surveys to receive points
  • Surveys fill up quickly


How can you make money with Lootup?

Lootup offers several ways to make money, including watching ads, answering survey questions, playing games, participating in contests, spinning the wheel, and more. You can also make money by upping your Lootup levels and earning cashback. 

What is a get-paid-to site?

A get-paid-to site, also known as a GPT site, helps you earn money for completing several mini-tasks. These tasks earn you small amounts which you can cash out for various rewards, including gift cards, cash, and PayPal deposits. 

Does Lootup offer a sign-up bonus?

Yes, Lootup offers a sign-up bonus. Rack up 10,000 points within the first 30 days of owning your account and you could earn $5 in rewards. 

Score More Loot with Lootup

Using GPT sites and apps can help you put some extra dough in your pocket. If you’re not sure which GPT apps to download, we hope this article has helped put Lootup at the top of your list. 

Lootup lets you earn money by answering survey questions, watching videos, playing games, participating in contests, spinning the wheel, and earning cashback. With so many ways to earn and save, why not give the app a try? 

Sure, Lootup and apps like it aren’t going to liberate you from your nine-to-five job. However, they can be a great way to break up the monotony and still earn some cash at the same time. 

Navigate to the website or visit Lootup on the Google Play Store to download it today. 

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Lootup lets you earn money by answering survey questions, watching videos, playing games, participating in contests, spinning the wheel, and earning cashback. With so many ways to earn and save, why not give the app a try? Lootup Review 2024: Take Paid Surveys & Earn Cash Rewards