Safeway Monopoly Winners: Full List for 2020

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Safeway Monopoly Winners Names

I hope you guys enjoyed this year’s Safeway monopoly game at and hope some of my readers won many exciting prizes by collecting rare pieces.

So now if you are wondering who are the lucky winners of the 2018 Safeway Monopoly ShopPlayWin game then check out the below table to find out all Safeway Monopoly Winners Name in 2018.

Safeway Monopoly Winners Full List

Safeway Monopoly – ACME

Name State Prize
Jeffrey B. NJ $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Leslie M. NJ $20,000 College Tuition
Erin M. NJ $10,000 Cash
Lori P. NJ $10,000 iHeart Country Festival
Karen C. PA $7,500 Fan Pack & Red Carpet
Lori J. PA $5,000 Groceries
Christian P. NJ $5,000 Instant Win Cash
Frances S. PA $5,000 Cash
Thomas D. NJ $5,000 Cash
Krystene R. PA $5,000 Cash

Safeway Monopoly – Albertsons

Name State Prize
Billy M. CO $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Erin D. WA $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Vicki W. WA $32,459 Progressive Jackpot
Susan G. CA $27,673 Progressive Jackpot
Kristin S. AZ $25,000 Kitchen Makeover
Aaron R. TX $24,975 Progressive Jackpot
Patricia K. NV $20,000 College Tuition
Helen E. AZ $20,000 College Tuition
Janet M. CA $11,623 Progressive Jackpot
Cheryl V. WA $10,000 Cash

Safeway Monopoly – Albertsons Market

Name State Prize
Melanie R. NM $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Ande M. NM $6,606 Progressive Jackpot
Shane G. NM $5,000 Cash
Roberta L. NM $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
Barbara S. NM $1,000 Cash
Amy M. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
June K. NM $500 Grocery Gift Card
Frances M. NM $500 Grocery Gift Card
Ruth E. NM $300 Spa Day
Hermelinda H. NM $300 Spa Day

Safeway Monopoly – Jewel-Osco

Name State Prize
Larry A. IL $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Antoniette S. IL $25,000 Kitchen Makeover
Richard K. IL $20,000 College Tuition
Holly U. IL $10,000 Cash
Suzanne D. IL $10,000 Cash
Mark G. IL $5,913 Progressive Jackpot
Wendy V. IL $5,000 Instant Win Cash
Cathy T. IL $5,000 Groceries
Manisha S. IL $5,000 Groceries
Ruth S. IL $5,000 Groceries

Safeway Monopoly – Market Street

Name State Prize
Cassidy S. TX $20,000 College Tuition
Ryan B. TX $5,000 Groceries
Jonathan O. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Kyrsten G. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Jennifer M. TX $300 Spa Day

Safeway Monopoly – Pavilions

Name State Prize
Ruben O. CA $1,000 Weekend Getaway
Lori F. CA $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
Stephaine D. CA $500 Grocery Gift Card
Faith G. CA $300 Spa Day
Tammy-Anne F. CA $300 Spa Day

Safeway Monopoly – Randalls

Name State Prize
Liz B. TX $3,600 Special Event
Daniel R. TX $2,600 Movies For A Year
Carole P. TX $1,000 Weekend Getaway
Rogr F. TX $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
Alan W. TX $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
Martie H. TX $1,000 Cash
Nancy N. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Deborah C. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card

Safeway Monopoly – Safeway

Name State Prize
Greta H. CO $51,228 Progressive Jackpot
Michelle L. CA $44,324 Progressive Jackpot
Diana P. MD $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Eileen G. CA $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Audra Z. VA $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
CJ S. WA $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Anita M. MT $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Julie C. AZ $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Blake Joseph H. WA $40,000 Vehicle
Patricia T. CA $28,408 Progressive Jackpot

Safeway Monopoly – Shaw’s

Name State Prize
Chelsea M. NH $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Kathleen D. MA $20,771 Progressive Jackpot
Libby S. NH $20,000 College Tuition
Jeanine W. MA $20,000 College Tuition
Suzanne M. MA $16,095 Progressive Jackpot
Suzanne M. MA $16,095 Progressive Jackpot
Caroline W. MA $10,000 Cash
Darlene J. RI $10,000 Cash
Pamela U. MA $7,500 Family Vacation
Matthew A. ME $5,000 Groceries

Safeway Monopoly – Tom Thumb

Name State Prize
Angela F. TX $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Cheryl B. TX $21,719 Progressive Jackpot
Allison S. TX $20,000 College Tuition
Rachid S. TX $10,000 Cash
Mary S. TX $7,500 Family Vacation
Laura K. TX $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries
Rachel Renée B. TX $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries
Laura K. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Veronica S. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Cynthia A. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card

Safeway Monopoly – United

Name State Prize
Joan M. TX $3,600 Special Event
Amy P. TX $2,600 Movies For A Year
Kenneth B. TX $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
Terry A. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Ryan M. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Jovita M. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Katelynn W. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Allison H. TX $500 Grocery Gift Card
Jacqueline M. AK $500 Grocery Gift Card
Trista K. TX $300 Spa Day

Safeway Monopoly – Vons

Name State Prize
Karen T. CA $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car
Deborah W. CA $67,782 Progressive Jackpot
Bradley J. CA $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
Teressa U. CA $40,000 Vehicle
Kim K. CA $25,000 Kitchen Makeover
Elizabeth R. TX $20,000 College Tuition
Rosa F. NV $10,000 Fiesta Latina
Tammara S. CA $10,000 Cash
Stephen C. CA $7,500 Family Vacation
Jorge M. CA $5,812 Progressive Jackpot


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